What Does it Take to Live Pro-Life?

Pro-Life is not just what you's what you DO: How you respect GOD, the Giver of life. How you view yourself, treat others, protect lives. This is giving all children... all humans of any age... a chance at life from the moment of fertilization/conception all the way to birth and beyond, throughout life until natural death. Pro-life includes the way we care for younger people, so they will know how to respect the lives they will one day become responsible for. And how we honor older people who have lived many years, learning from them and their wisdom. Pro-life brings life-affirming confidence to how you PRAY (most important!), think, act, vote, make difficult decisions about life, joy, pain, love, sorrow, health care, career choices, education, marriage, parenting, caregiving, finances, business, recreation, helping others, end-of-life death/dying issues, eternity...yes, pro-life goes a long, good way!

To help you consider your LIFE and soul, see the Billy Graham website: